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Many years ago while preparing a memo for my boss, I found myself more concerned with what font I was using than with mundane details such as sending it out or filing it! Well, my boss noticed as did the president of the company and, realizing I couldn’t file to save my life, they transferred me to the art department. Good bye Scarborough, hello downtown! Since then I’ve been turning boring blocks of copy into intriguing magazine layouts, plain jane sell sheets into compelling catalogues, stagnant charts into gorgeous feasts of information, and cluttered notices into posters of extravagant delight!

What am I, Superman? No, I’m a graphic designer, and I will help your business achieve its marketing and sales goals.

Thank you for visiting the website of Joe Calleja: graphic designer, photographer, artist, scarf designer. I am working very hard to expand my products and services. My website is undergoing a transformation to reflect these changes. In the meantime, you can visit my other sites. Please click on a logo, below.

You can also download a PDF of my portfolio (7mb) of design projects I've created for various clients. I've worked with small businesses and large organizations alike.

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